Annie & Brendan- Silver sands

Dec 28, 2018

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Wedding Location: Silver sands, Jamaica W.I
Associate Photographer: Garfield Lyn
Creative Director & Lead Photographer: Christopher Lee


 “I knew Brendan was the one for me because of how persistent he was and wouldn’t give up on me. He wanted to show me that he was willing to just be my friend and earn my trust.”

Love can knock at your door anytime, especially when you least expect it. Admirably, it can also be the best thing that happens to someone. For Brendan and Annie, they found each other at a young adult fellowship which they were both attending. When they first met in New Hampshire, they had no idea that one day they would be preparing for the destination wedding of their dreams in Jamaica. The foundation for their beautiful relationship was cemented at a cookout held at Annie’s family’s house. Afterwards, they met for lunch where through conversation, they realized that they had common life goals and dreams which they wanted to achieve together.

Romantic movies may have shown the perfect proposals but Brendan’s act of commitment was just as touching and heartwarming, especially for Annie. He performed a poem for her, but it wasn’t just the beautiful poem that made Annie realize that Brendan is the ‘one’. It was his persistence, love and the utmost respect he had for her and her dreams.

They wanted to make their wedding day memorable, which lead them to register their marriage on the list of weddings in Jamaica. In booking Emani Photography to capture their special Jamaican wedding photography, they have received timeless photos that will always be reflective of the most memorable moment in their lives.

There are some weddings which make you want to join the couple in their celebration. Brendan and Annie’s matrimonial union was one of them.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  1. Lattie M.

    Beautiful love story and amazing photos ❤

  2. Dominique Grant

    These pictures are really beautiful Chris.


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