Tracy & Brian- Fortlands Point Villa

Dec 31, 2018

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Wedding Location: Fortlands Point Villa, Jamaica
Wedding Planner & Decor: The Wedding Planner Plus
MUHA: Mandie Sue Stylez
Associate Photographer: Garfield Lyn
Associate Photographer: Davion Forbes
Creative Director & Lead Photographer: Christopher Lee


Love Under Northern Lights!

“We live together, we drive to work together, we work together and pretty much spend ALL of our time together. But we aren’t sick of each other! We are both extremely independent people, yet we can barely be separated for an hour without missing each other. We work hard and play harder, always inseparable.” – words from Tracy Evans and that is how LOVE ought to be! 

On December 31, 2018, Discovery Bay, Jamaica lit up like the Northern Lights, as Tracy and Brian said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony at the spectacular Fortland Point Villa! 

As fate would have it, it was their passion and their joy in serving others which brought them together. Tracy a dentist and Brian a oral surgeon met at the Naval Hospital in San Diego.  They were both on call when someone came in with a broken jaw, ouch! The two souls, through their passion and their love for serving others, worked assiduously to care for their patient- and- through that love and compassion for service, found love for each other.     

Who would have thought that- in caring for another through a misfortune, love would have kindled like a fire that would never be extinguished! 

The Northern Lights, a natural light display in the sky, is a phenomenon which intrigued Tracy and she always wanted to see these lights since she was a child of a very tender age. Brian, being made aware of this wish through his interactions with Tracy, never missed the opportunity to share such a precious moment with the woman he loves. 

To witness such great phenomenon in nature’s sky, plans were made by the couple to watch the skies whilst in Bettles, Alaska. At approximately 2am, on a very cold morning, Tracy and Brian made their trek to a river bed to admire the wonders of the sky and nature.  They spread their blankets and made themselves comfortable- waiting and- watching the skies for the special moment! 

After watching the skies for an hour or so, unfortunately, nothing happened. Tracy may have been a little disappointed but knew that with time, she would witness the phenomenon her heart desired.  The couple started to pack their belongings to head right back inside. Their effortless team work in packing kept them warm whilst out in the cold. 

As they were folding their blankets, Brian saw a break in the clouds! In Tracy’s words, “it was as if the heavens were opening up for us!” They enjoyed the beauty of the skies for about five minutes. Overcome with awe and emotions, Tracy, especially, couldn’t have been happier. What a true miracle they both experienced! Then, like the curtains of a play, the clouds closed as quickly as they had opened and Tracy turned to see the love of her life, Brian, down on his knee with a stack of blank paper (or so it seemed!). 

Brian had written a 7-page love story with invisible ink! It was only made visible with a black light. And at the end of the last page, was one of the most AMAZING questions a woman will ever hear, “Will you marry me?’     

The ring, hidden in a small box, was designed by Brian over a nine-month period! He carefully hand-picked every single diamond in the jewel; like heartstrings singing sweet musical cords.  

In wanting a destination wedding as warm as their love, the couple chose Jamaica as their place to say “I do!”- on a landmark New Year’s Eve. 

When Tracy was asked what she loves about Brian, she answered gladly, I love Brian’s ability to love. He speaks my love languages and always lifts me up. He is passionate about his work and inspires me to always want to better myself. He makes me laugh and I cannot imagine a life without him by my side!”

Brian, when asked the same question gleefully said, “I love Tracy’s love for life. She lives every day to the fullest. Her love is no different! Her love for me is tangible and all encompassing, I need that! I love her wit and intelligence, her drive for perfection and ambition. Most of all, she is my best friend and the person I want to spend every second with… whether we are traveling the world or sick in bed, she is my forever!”



~Our wish is for the two to share a life of happiness, joy and complete Love; as spectacular as the Northern Lights!

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    One Word to sum this up Phenomenal.
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